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Upcoming Chromecast With Google TV Featured In Retail Box Video Leak

Google’s future Android TV streamer was presented in various leaks over the past few months, including a recent one that showed all of the system’s specifications.

At the moment, Google’s first streaming dongle with build-in Android TV and a remote control was featured in a quick Reddit video (by user jSterninja.

Unfortunately, the product isn’t displayed entirely, but there are many details to observe.

The Video

The detail that we noticed straight away is the dongle’s name, side to side with an image displaying the streamer and its Google Assistant-ready remote.

Essentially, it’s a Chromecast with Google TV.

Some say that Google TV is just a rebrand of the current Android TV platform.

That is weird considering that Google retired the Google TV moniker half a decade ago to rebrand it as the Android TV.

Also, Google announced the Android 11 update for Android TV.

Still, the leaked video confirmed that Google TV is an actual thing, whether it’s a remake of Android TV or not.

Text on the new Chromecast box reads that Google TV “puts all your entertainment in one place, so it’s easy to find what you want.” The software will also provide recommendations for streaming and suggest which streaming services host the titles you are looking for.

Thankfully, the product’s packaging suggests that the device can play 4K and HDR videos with both iOS and Android platforms.

Though there is no price displayed on the box, we expect it to be available starting from $50.

The new Chromecast will be introduced on September 30 at Google’s Pixel hardware event.

Stay tuned to learn more about it!


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