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UC Browser vs. Phoenix Browser – Which One is Better?

There are plenty of good browsers out there for phones, besides Google Chrome and Opera. The world doesn’t surely end with those two, and finding the right browser could be a difficult task if you’re a pretentious kind of guy. You may be looking for a browser that is fast, that doesn’t occupy too much storage or one that simply does the job as good as possible in all areas.

Today we will be comparing Phoenix Browser and the UC browser, two apps for phones capable to win the title of the best mobile browser. You should bear in mind that they are both absolutely free – no in-app purchases, no hidden fees, nothing. But let’s dive into more detail…

Should you choose the Phoenix browser?

Judging by the very tiny amount of space it occupies on your memory (7.4 MB) you would swear that it’s not capable of many impressive things. But life is full of surprises – Phoenix Browser is available for Android devices, and it offers many exciting features like ad-block, fast download, private browsing, data saving, offline reading mode, and more.

Is UC Browser better?

If you want to place your bet on the UC Browser, you have a chance of winning. It was developed by the Singapore/China-based mobile company UCWeb, which is owned by the Alibaba Group. The browser is even more popular than Google’s Chrome in some markets from Asia, like India and Indonesia. There’s no wonder why, though: the browser offers stuff like fast speed browsing and download, data save, ad-block, incognito browsing, responsiveness, etc.


Yes, both browsers are cool, but we are still not sure which one is better. To get a good verdict, we should take a look at some differences between the two apps:

  • UC Browser gives you the chance to share stickers, hot memes and gifs via WhatsApp
  • Phoenix seems more secure than the other one. Some reports have shown that UC Browser had leaked personal information about its users in the past couple of months.

With all this being said, it’s up for you to decide which one of the two browsers is better. Let us know in a comment!


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