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UC Browser Update – Taking The Experience To A New Level

If you are a user of an Android smartphone, you might have noticed that Google Chrome was already installed on the phone, straight from the factory. However, that does not mean that it’s the best browser, so you should always consider trying an alternative. One of the best alternative options is the UC Browser, one of the fastest and most advanced mobile browsers on the Google Play Store.

UC Browser is excellent not only thanks to the multitude of unique features that simplify the user’s experience, but also thanks to the continuous chain of updates it receives.

Users of the UC Browser will be happy to learn that a new update was released with the help of over the air channels!

The New Update

The new update was issued the number To be eligible for downloading the latest update, make sure that your smartphone is reliably connected to the internet. The main goal of the latest update is the improvement of the video play feature’s performance.

If you are a regular user of the UC Browser, you might already know that it does a great job of streaming videos and other media. The new update, however, will take that to the next level thanks to advanced optimization algorithms and other bug fixes.


Here are the best features of the UC Browser:

  • fast downloads – UC Browser is optimized for fast downloads, and, in case of a sudden interruption because of a loss of connection, the browser can continue downloading from the breakpoint when the device is back online.
  • Ad-block – the embedded adblocker blocks most forms of ads that enhance the browsing experience.
  • Night mode – switching to night mode reconfigures the browser to allow for comfortable reading at night.

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