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UC Browser Turbo Update Brings New Video Functions and Bug Fixes

UC Browser Turbo is a newly-released search engine by the Singaporean tech giant, developed by the UC Browser team. The service is fast, simple, data-saving, and secure web browser for Android-powered mobile devices.

UC Turbo comes with amazing features, such as fast video download, mini ad-blocker, free cloud acceleration, which is as powerful as a VPN, and more other great functions. Here are some highlights of the new UC Browser Turbo features.

UC Browser Turbo’s Features

The web browser has a minimalist design; it is simple but smart and offers users a clean and comfortable experience. UC Browser Turbo’s servers speed up and stabilize the downloads by setting high download threads. It also has free cloud acceleration that helps you navigate websites and watch videos from all over the world anytime and anywhere.

UC Turbo users are enabled to hide downloaded online videos or files and encrypt them with a password, therefore, creating a privately-owned place. It also helps you use less mobile data in order to control the budget, and it manages to save up to 90 percent of data.

Besides these amazing features, UC Turbo also provides a series of tools like status downloader, speed test, and image search. It has a special feature as well, which can save your time and offer a smooth browsing experience: simply move your finger on the toolbar and switch the tabs efficiently and quickly. The browser also offers the ‘Open’ and ‘Delete’ options.

UC Browser Turbo comes with an ad block function that keeps various ads at bay in order to provide a great experience for its users. It also allows video playing in the background and supports multiple languages. Finally, the app has the most-desired feature of all, dark mode.

UC Browser Turbo Update

The latest update for the web browser has been rolled out, and it is now available to download. UC Browser Turbo update comes with several bug fixes and some additions to the video area. It now allows users to watch downloading videos without having to wait until the download finishes, and also to preview video content when playing forward and background. The latter feature is only available on some websites, though.

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