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UC Browser Turbo Update Rolled Out With Numerous Optimizations

UC Browser Turbo is an incredibly fast browser with a straightforward design that offers a minimalist experience in a world that buries you under all kinds of unnecessary stuff. The browser doesn’t have news streams or push messages, and it can offer a better browsing experience than most other popular options out there.

Key Features

Minimalist Design – There is no news flow, no push messages. The browser is simple but effective, with a smart design that brings you clean and an unforgettable browsing experience

Fast Video Download – The platform’s servers speed up and stabilize downloads, and by settings high download threads, the download speed improves significantly

Free Cloud Acceleration – This option helps you visit websites and watch content from all over the world anytime and anywhere you are

Data Saving – UC Browser Turbo​ aids in using less mobile data, in order to help you manage your data consumption

Secure Browsing – The Incognito mode enables you to browse the web privately, and the history of your search won’t be recorded while using this mode.

Ad Block – The Ad block function blocks various forms of ads that affect the browsing experience and can be extremely annoying.

Watch Video Offline – Get down content and watch it anywhere and anytime, with no need to be connected to an Internet network

Night Mode – The Night mode in UC Browser Turbo​ is more eye-friendly and enables you to browse more easily at night

UC Browser Turbo Update

The latest roll-out for the platform, UC Browser Turbo update, comes with new optimizations and improvements. The update optimizes the toolbar by adding a back and cancel feature when loading web pages and adjusting the feature position. Another optimization has at the core the reopening of unclosed tabs on the startup.

In addition, the new tab and delete tab features were added in the fast switching tabs gesture, and the Private Space feature was also optimized. The update brought enhancements and bug fixes of the video playback in the background feature and improved the download file management. Lastly, the UC Browser Turbo update fixed a bug so that the download path to be set back to internal storage.


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