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Tubi – Free Movies & TV Shows 3.7.3 Update Comes With New Content

Tubi is one of the most used free streaming services in the world. It offers unlimited legal streaming, with no credit cards or subscription needed.

The streaming service offers a large library of award-winning movies, as well as TV series, with genres such as comedy, drama, classic films, and movies for children, as well as Korean dramas, animes, and Spanish telenovelas. Not only the platform’s movies and TV shows are always free and available anywhere, but they are also highly rated on IMDb.

There are categories such as New Releases and Anime TV Series that you cannot find on other popular platforms that require a subscription. For instance, the Anime collection features Naruto, Yu-gi-oh, Cowboy Bebop, and so on.

Tubi also provides free HD shows and movies every week, so users will never really run out of entertainment. The content can be streamed on the go or from home.

Tubi’s Key Features

Some of the most important features of the streaming service include:

• Watch HD movies and TV shows with the most famed Hollywood stars
• Watch online entertainment content from numerous Hollywood studios
• Free video streaming for all the movies and TV shows
• No need to subscribe to the platform
• Find hidden gems and new favorite content in all the service’s categories
• Create a personal category in which you can bookmark which videos you want to watch next
• New HD movies, as well as TV shows, are being added every Friday – browse the features section to see what is new every week
• Daily episodes added to the popular Paternity Court and Wendy Williams
• The platform has Chromecast support and multi-device syncing

Tubi – Free Movies & TV Shows 3.7.3 Update

The streaming service receives regular updates that keep users entertained and the platform fresh and highly performant. The latest release, Tubi 3.7.3 update, comes with the regular improvements in performance, bug fixes, and new movies and TV shows.

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