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Toyota Supra 2020 Got a Huge Wing Upgrade

Toyota Supra, one of the most appreciated and loved sports cars manufactured since 1978, dress to impress hard this time for an appearance that will surely last. With its design borrowed from Toyota Celica, but longer and broader, Supra succeeds in reaching fans’ expectations each time. Toyota Supra has an unforgettable comeback last year, with a fifth series, co-manufactured with the G29 Z4.

Currently, Supra prepares for an even better comeback with edgy looks and promises that 2020 will be its year. Well, almost…

Wings to Remember by Kanoo Performance

The 2020 Toyota Supra will come without its wing trademark, but that doesn’t mean we can imagine what it would be. The huge wing that made the fourth series top-rated won’t be available for the 2020 edition. However, a tuning shop from Bahrain thought otherwise. Kanoo Performance, known for its tuning works and many other customizations, succeeded in drawing another story, quite different, but confident, for the 2020 Toyota Supra. The tuning shop got its full interest in Supra’s aesthetics, even if the performance it’s the main interest of the shop. The team from Kanoo Performance mounted apparently, the most lit wing ever! They decorated Supra’s trunk so it can still open easily. Also, the car got some edgy carbon touches with a kit that has a front splitter, aero adornments for each part of the rear, and some side skirts. Toyota Supra got tuned so well that it looks it was designed from the beginning with such wing. Maybe this upgrade could inspire the manufacturers for a more bad-car version of Supra?

Vossen Attitude for Wheels

Kanoo Performance also put some high-look shoes on Supra. The team embodied style and attitude with some Vossen rims. Vossen is known for its class, a genuine manufacturer of luxury and performance. The electric blue Toyota Supra wears 20-inch Vossen wheels, ones which got the car more pumped-looking.


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