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Top Pushbullet Safest Alternatives in 2020

Pushbullet is a revolutionary service that bridges the gap between smartphones, tablets, and computers, enabling them to link together quickly and effortlessly.

Pushbullet allows users to see notifications on their computers, quickly transfer files, links, and more between devices, and it makes data sharing more accessible than it’s ever been before.

The “small band” behind Pushbullet consists of Cofounder Chris Hesse and Andre von Houck, and CEO & Co-founder Ryan Oldenburg.

The service’s headquarters are located in San Francisco. Its sole service is bringing harmony to your devices to make your work more comfortable and more efficient, regardless of the platform you are using.

Though Pushbullet is such a fantastic service, some users can’t get it to work correctly or want a different solution to their data sharing problems.

Thankfully, we are here with a list of alternatives.


AirMore is a cross-platform service that helps users manage all of their Android devices without requiring any wire. Say goodbye to cables with AirMore! It works a lot like Pushbullet, so you should give it a shot.

KDE Connect

KDE Connect is a service whose aim is to make communication between devices more accessible. With KDE Connect, you can receive your phone notifications on your computer, or even use it as a remote control for your linked computer.

KDE Connect uses a safe communication protocol over the network and allows every developer to work on new plugins quickly.


Mobizen helps users control their Android devices using a web browser via USB or WiFi.

The program is also capable of taking screenshots and transferring files.

One of Mobizen’s highlights is that it can do amazing things without requiring a rooted device.


GSConnect is a variation of KDE Connect developed especially for GNOME Shell with Nautilus, Firefox, and Chrome support.

It does not rely on the KDE Connect desktop app and won’t work with it installed.


Mightytext is simple and amazing – It lets you send and receive text messages straight from your computer, as long as you keep it synced with your Android.


Gotify is a service designed for sending and receiving push notifications via a REST-API and a designated app. It is simple, neat, and easy to use.


QPush lets users push text and links from computers to iPhones. With QPush, you no longer need to send emails to yourself or wait for Evernote-like apps to sync anymore!

It would be best if you considered giving a shot to each of these Pushbullet alternatives, as each of them does the job differently, and you never know which one suits your needs best.

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