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Top Multiplayer Mobile Games Worth Playing during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 disease is still spreading throughout the world, although there’s a significant improvement for Western Europe and in some countries from Asia (at least). Taking precautious measures is always a good thing, so we need to stay at home as most as possible.

But if we need a strong motivation to stay home, that’s where gaming comes in handy. And today we present a nice selection of the best multiplayer mobile games worth playing during the ongoing pandemic:


This game is a top selling battle royale online multiplayer, and everyone willing to try their best at such games is welcomed. You can do pretty much everything in Fortnite: shooting, building, teaming up with friends, and more. Furthermore, the developers are claiming that the mobile version of the game is the same as it is for the bigger platforms.

PUBG Mobile

With a similar concept as Fortnite, PUBG is also an online battle royale game that you can have fun within along with your friends, family, and co-workers. But PUBG adds a much more serious vibe to the gameplay than Fortnite, which improves the realism a lot. In Fortnite, characters are looking like they had been pulled out of cartoons, and it doesn’t apply for PUBG. Both games are insanely popular, so if you start playing one, you may find out that your friends are already there.

Ludo King

Available for Android and iOS, Ludo King is a classic game that anyone can learn. As its presentation from Google Play Store says:

“Ludo King™ is a classic board game played between friends and family. Play the dice game of kings! Recall your childhood!

Ludo King is a cross platform multiplayer game that supports Desktop, Android, iOS and Windows mobile platform at same time. This game also support offline mode, where player can play with Computer or, Local multiplayer (play and pass mode). Ludo King is also a favorite game of Bollywood superstar. Play this dice game Ludo King. Best casual game in board games.”

8 Ball Pool

If you like pool, than you’ll definitely going to love this game! Available for Android and iOS devices, you can play either 1 on 1 or by making a tournament of 8 people. You can even customize your cue and table, or earn Pool Coins for accessing higher ranked matches where bigger stakes are involved. Also, by using those Coins you can buy new items from the Pool Shop.


Stay home! Save lives!


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