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Top Five Minecraft Survival Fun Maps

Survival gameplay is one of the most popular game modes of Minecraft. You spawn in a random environment if you don’t use a custom seed, and from that point, you get to experience the game with a touch of realism by chopping trees, mining, and so on.

Survival maps let you change the setting to spice up the experience. Here are the top five survival maps for Minecraft!

Cube Survival

Cube Survival is a different experience you can try. You must reach Hell and destroy the book of the Damned to conquer the map. To do that, you’ll need to build a portal with obsidian.

To find the obsidian, you need to explore all cube biomes and open the chests that usually are packed with good loot.

However, each new cube is more dangerous than the one before.


Skyblock used to be a survival map meant for single-player gameplay before it became a game mode on most multiplayer servers.

You spawn on a floating island. There you’ll find a tree for wood and a chest with some resources.

You need to survive for as long as possible and accomplish several goals while only using the few resources available on the sky island.

Wild West

Wild West helps you live your cowboy dream!

The challenge isn’t too demanding, and it’s fantastic for those who want to experience casual survival set in the Wild West.

You need to complete a few goals to finish the map, including taming horses, finding lost gold, building stables, barns, etc.

Stranded Raft

Stranded Raft is about a wild adventure at sea.

You spawn on a floating piece of a raft with nothing in the inventory to help you survive the harsh ocean.

You need to find resources, build a shelter, stay fed, stay safe from cold, and so on.

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