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Top Alternatives to Plague Inc. Available to Play

If you are mad at life, Plague Inc. gives you the chance to infect the world with a plague. Of course, it’s nothing more than a simulation, but a very realistic one. It requires the player to apply a fair amount of strategy.

But having alternatives is always a good idea. Why not find even more ways of virtually damaging the world? This is exactly what we are proposing below:


This is a free game about epidemic prevention. It’s also pretty realistic and you need some skills to play it. Of course, there’s always not too late to learn. Vax is a pretty old game, with the latest update being received in 2014.

Bio Inc.

This game is a biomedical strategy simulator in which the ultimate fate of a victim is in your hands. Basically, you have to develop the most lethal illness possible to spread diseases to all human systems. The game promises “hours and hours of awesome gameplay”, and it has the following features:

  • Three difficulty levels
  • 12 stages with various gameplays
  • Various ways of playing
  • Seeing degradation of the human body in real-time
  • Great graphics
  • Over 100 biomedical conditions

X-CORE Galactic Plague

Who doesn’t like aliens in video games? As the title suggests, this game promises just that. Available only for Android and iOS phones, X-CORE Galactic Plague allows the player to join hordes of aliens eager to destroy humanity.

There are ten species of aliens in the game, from which you can choose:, Greys, Repriloids, Insectoids, Egyptian gods, Psychotrons, Biomorphes, Energy beings, Machines, Galaxy Council, and USSR – United Space Socialistic Republics.

There you have them, plenty of ways to virtually attack humanity. But remember: Earth is a beautiful place with plenty of people who just want to live together in peace. Anyway, you’ll have tons of fun with any of these games!


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