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Top 4 Minecraft Toys in 2020

Despite being released almost nine years ago, Minecraft remains one of the most popular video games. In fact, it’s in the top 3 best selling games in history, along with GTA 5 and the classic Tetris.

But Minecraft is not just a video game, it’s a whole universe full of exciting and entertaining elements. After being hugely popular on PC, Minecraft has moved even to the real world. If there is one way of making hardcore Minecraft fans to stop playing their favorite game, that is to give them Minecraft-related toys, and that’s exactly what we’ll be discussing here.

Survival Pack Action Figure

The Survival Pack Action Figure is an authentic miniature recreation of the first night spent in the game. It looks great and perfect for kids to enjoy. Being available for purchase at prices around the amount of just $11, this can be the ideal toy for a fan of Minecraft.

Lego Nether Railway

With two figures included and a moving magma cube, the Lego Nether Railway can take figures on a journey around a working minecart track. Also, you can rebuild the entire structure in several different ways. This set is a bit more expensive, but we think it’s worth the money: $40.

Mattel Card Game

These cards can be used drawing and combining them. Players have the possibility to craft tools, mine resources, and others. The cards cost only $9, and they are a great way of stimulating the kids’ memory.

Lego Farm Cottage

As the most expensive toy, this recreates an environment from the  Minecraft game and includes plenty of minifigures: Steve, Alex, plenty of cute little creatures, and helpful tools. Lego Farm Cottage costs $93.

This is our selection of what we believe are the most interesting Minecraft-related toys. No matter how good a video game is, the physical version can be the real deal for a kid in some cases.


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