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Top 4 Android App Categories That Can Harm Your Smartphone

Smartphones are affected by a lot of applications that unnecessarily occupy storage space and also have a negative impact on battery life and performance. Here is a list of applications that are bad for your mobile phone.

Top 4 Android App Categories That Can Harm Your Smartphone

RAM-saving apps

These apps actually attempt to constantly close down apps running in the background to save RAM, but this is not efficient, as the closed-down apps re-open only to be closed again by the “RAM-saver”, decreasing battery life in the process.

Cleaning apps

Instead of using third-party apps to delete unnecessary files on your phone, press Settings > Storage > Cached data. When you see Clear cached data, press OK.

Cleaning apps significantly decrease battery life and in-app advertising can use a lot of data, so we suggest deleting them.


After the Cambridge Analytica leak, Facebook is experiencing a lot of backlashes. It might be time to get rid of it from your phone.
Removing Facebook will make your smartphone run faster and perform better. The app has grown enormously and is a strain on memory consumption, using up a lot of data and demanding permissions.

If you still want to use Facebook services, you can use the mobile site in order to avoid the strain on your phone the app normally takes. If you really want to continue using Facebook, you can use the mobile site and add a shortcut on the home screen. Thus, when you close the web tab of Facebook, the site will no longer use the resources of your phone (battery, data plan, etc.).

Difficult to delete manufacturer bloatware

Various smartphone manufacturers pre-install useless apps that just take up battery life. One should look through their list of apps and delete the pre-installed ones, or at least deactivate them, as some cannot be uninstalled. Some manufacturers that allow you to uninstall these apps are Huawei and Honor.

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