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Top 3 Best KINDLE deals this month

Kindles are the perfect devices to read your favorite ebooks. Of course, there are many other options out there to enjoy a digital book, such as a tablet or even a smartphone. However, compared to a Kindle, they have many other purposes. Therefore, a Kindle is a perfect device to store books in a virtual library. If you want to combine tech with reading, this device serves its only scope. 

There is no secret Amazon has produced the best Kindle models on the market. Its products have been at the top for quite some time now, although some people have mixed feelings about them. However, all devices come with pros and cons, so that’s normal. If you are in search of an e-reader, you are in the right place. We have created a list of Kindles available for sale right now. Some models come at a reasonable price; however, we will let you know about the best deals.


If you want to buy a cheap e-reader, the 10th generation of Kindle could be the right choice for you. The device costs about $90, and it came out last year. Its main specs are:

  • 8GB
  • Ad-free support
  • 167ppi resolution

If you don’t mind ads, you can buy this model for $60 or the ad-free lock screen version for $80 on Amazon. This e-reader is also available on Best Buy.


Amazon released a Kindle Kids Edition Bundle in 2019 for $109. This e-reader is perfect for young kid readers as it provides age-appropriate content. Owners can enjoy the FreeTime Unlimited service for one year at no extra cost. This service offers popular kid-friendly books. You can also acquire the Kindle Kids Edition Essentials Bundle for £128, which includes a power adapter. 


You can now buy the 8GB Kindle Paperwhite model for $160. The 8GB Hunger Games Bundle is available for $160 right now; however, if you wish a bigger storage configuration, you can go for the 32GB model for $190. One worth mentioning feature is the Audible audiobook support found in flagships. 


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