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Top 3 Best Android Launchers In 2019

The launcher is the part of the Android system with which we interact the most. For example, the arrangement and organization of our apps, the home screens, shortcuts, and widgets are all part of this launcher. So for having an Android launcher when you first buy a new phone, you don’t have to do anything, because it will come with one. The exciting part is that you don’t have to use the launcher that comes with your phone. If your launcher is crashing or you want to change it. We will now show you the best Android launchers in 2019.

Top 3 Best Android Launchers In 2019

Evie Launcher

The first one on our list is Evie Launcher, which is the best light launcher. Evie Launcher is for free so that you can use it anytime, is lightweight, and simple to use. The launcher is good at its tasks, so don’t be afraid that it will quit on you. The gestures are operative; it has many optimizations and tips for the experience you want to get.

You can backup Evie on your Google Drive as well and use it whenever you want again. Moreover, the launcher got more improved than ever, so now you can swipe down the Notifications.

Microsoft Launcher

The second one on our list is Microsoft Launcher. Don’t think about Microsoft Launcher that will look the same as Windows Phone, because it is not. Microsoft has developed a launcher that is working for Android, and it is offering the user the exact Android experience.

Using the Microsoft Launcher will guarantee you a top-quality experience, with updates all the time, and an edge-to-edge widget experience. The launcher is not quite simple, and you will see the original home screen, the smart tips, the way you can use your phone, and the speed that you have.

Nova Launcher

Finally, Nova Launcher is not new on the market, and it is one of the best Android launchers in 2019, also. It is excellent for the home screen of your smartphone, and it is still dominating the market.

Nova Launcher will surprise you with customizations. The way your screen looks will be somewhere between a Pixel and a Galaxy phone, and it’s stable. The launcher is beautiful, original, and has a secure backup system. It frequently gets updates, and you will have new features all the time.


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