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Top 10 Android apps from September 2020

Many Android apps are coming out every day, which means keeping track of the best is quite tricky. Therefore, we created a list of the best Android apps for September 2020 to keep you well informed. You have to admit some apps do enhance our smartphone and tablet experience. Therefore, if you are looking to replace some of your old apps, we have something new to try. The list below includes the link toward the Android apps as well. 

Adobe Account Access

Adobe Account Access is free of charge app for Adobe Creative Cloud users. The app is pretty straightforward to use, so I’m sure you won’t have any trouble. In order to log in, you will need two-factor authentication. However, a 2FA app or a text message is not required, which makes things easier. But, there is one downside. Adobe Account Access is not available on all smartphones, at least for now. For example, not even Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8 owners have access to the app. Although it may not seem much, the Android app is perfect for Adobe Creative Cloud users.


Bazaart is available for free; however, it comes with a premium version for $3.99 per month. It is basically a photo editor and graphic design app. However, it comes with some pretty interesting tricks and effects any photography lover might want to check out. All that being said, the app offers a nice range of features you might want to use in order to enhance your photos. 

The first one is removing the background from images. This is one of the main features. The Android app also allows the user to add all sorts of stickers and backgrounds instead, which gives the photo a nice touch. It also offers simple controls, such as scaling, rotate, or flip features, as well as other such things. However, the user can save photos as transparent PNGs if they wish to use it somewhere else, which is another plus. 

Firefox Daylight

Firefox Daylight is another free of charge app. However, this app is not exactly new, but more like a rebuild. Since Mozilla re-wrote it from the ground, we decided to include it in our top list. Compared to the old version, the new one features a new user interface (UI), faster browsing, better tracking protection, and a one-tap, easily accessible private mode. However, some of the old features are still available, such as Firefox’s bookmark and history syncing. For more details, check out Mozilla’s official blog

Google AdMob

Google AdMob is free of charge as well, and it is finally a native Android app. This Android app is not useful to everyone. In general, only developers use it, but the important thing is that it does what it was created for. The app basically allows the developer to monitor his/her app’s performance.

AdMob offers stats about different things and allows the developer to check his/her actual money profits. It also features a nice and easy to use UI. However, the downside, for now, is that it is in Early Access beta, which means it has bugs, and not all features are working. But, if you wish to try it, you can always leave feedback, and hopefully, creators will consider suggestions. 

LTE Band (NV) Calculator

LTE Band (NV) Calculator is a free to use app meant to let the user see what LTE bands his/her phone supports. However, the app is restricted to Qualcomm powered devices only, which shouldn’t be a big issue since almost everyone is using one. Although the members of the public won’t need this app on a daily basis, you can use it as a diagnostic tool. 

The reason why we included this Android app on our list is that it offers a new way of checking the LTE bands your phone supports. The app is currently in the Early Access beta, so it might have some bugs. Nevertheless, it does its thing properly.


PulledOver is another free to use app meant as a precaution in case you get pulled over by the police. The app features tools that could aid a person who feels intimidated. It offers the ability to record audio and video, but most importantly, it can let an emergency contact know about your situation by one tap. 

Besides all that, it allows footage sharing, which means if the other person has the Android app installed, they can see what happened. You probably are already aware of what happened recently in America, so no further details are necessary. 

Secure Clips

Secure Clips is not free to use compared to the other Android apps; however, it is not expensive. It currently costs $1.99, and it is basically a private clipboard. The app is pretty straightforward, as it allows users to copy and paste texts. Once you select the text, all you have to do is go to the context menu and click on the three-dot option. 

The user also has the option to share the selected content if they wish too from the same three-dot button. Another worth mentioning fact is the privacy it offers. You can keep private notes if you want, plus other apps won’t see if you use Secure Clips.


SlideScan is a free app; however, it comes with a premium version. There are two options when it comes to the subscription; you can either pay $5.99 per month or $19.99 per year. The app is for people who want to digitize their slide collection. As the name has it, it scans the slide via your camera. However, it also enhances the photos by using some effects. 

To make the most of it, we suggest you use a backlit source, like a computer screen, for example. Once you are happy with the final images, you have the option to either save it on your mobile phone or share it. If you are somehow thinking to upgrade the app to the premium version, we suggest you keep it for a month only. The price is not exactly worth it, so digitize everything you want, and end the subscription. 

Take Care of Yourself

Take Care of Yourself is a free to use app meant for lifestyle. Philips created the app, which offers basic lifestyle tips to help people stay healthy. It also offers all sorts of articles on different topics, like reducing stress, for example. You can create a to-do list as well, but it is pretty basic. At the moment, it is a very simplistic app, and we hope Philips will improve it. 


Yuka is available for free, but it comes with a premium version for $20.00 per year. Although this Android app is not entirely new, it recently launched in the US, so we included it in our list. Yuka is basically a health app that features a scanner. It is very simple to use, and it has an easy UI. The way it works is that you scan something, and it will let you know whether that thing is good for you or not. 

It is a very simplistic app; I’m sure many will appreciate it. After scanning a thing, a dot will light up on your screen. If it is green, it means it is good for you; if it lights red, it means it is bad for you. The premium version offers extra features, such as offline support, tips for particular diets, and more.

These were the best Android Apps in September. I hope you find some of them useful, if not at least interesting.


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