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TM WhatsApp: The Popular WhatsApp Mod Received The Anti-Ban April 2020 Update

On a global scale, WhatsApp is one of the most-used apps for messaging and calls. Millions of users daily make use of the features presented by these apps, such as keeping connections with friends and family regardless of distance barriers, through messages, videos, photos, voice messages, or stickers. While the app provides many features, that might not be enough for some users, so third-party devs created WhatsApp mod apps. TM WhatsApp is one of them, and it just received the Anti-ban April 2020 update.

Even though it is mostly used regularly, fans have started to voice their opinions. Their most present complaint is regarding the lack of interactive features from which to choose. They are bringing the argument that WhatsApp does not stand out from the competition since there are many other competitors such as Telegram or We Chat offering a better user experience.

About TM WhatsApp

Desiring to create an app that offers state-of-the-art features, users have developed the TM WhatsApp that offers its users the commonly known design of the widely considered app, but unique characteristics. TM WhatsApp is proud to present unique features such as auto-reply, fewer restrictions, as well as customization, and more privacy.

The auto-reply options offer its users the ability to create a pre-customized message, which can be sent to a list of people. Therefore, when somebody from that list texts you, the customized app will send the automatic reply.

The TM WhatsApp allows its users to send large files and share documents with a large number of users. The users can share up to 100 records for an unlimited number of people, compared to the limit of 30 reports for a maximum of 5 people that WhatsApp imposes. The customization offers the users the freedom to choose the design of their app according to their preferences and needs. The app provides a wide variety of color choices and different styles. In addition to this, users can protect individual chats with different passwords.


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