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TikTok: How to Gain Popularity and Exposure on the App

TikTok has become, almost overnight, a worldwide sensation. The famous video-making app is influencing in a powerful way, not only young people but various age groups as well. However, to gain more popularity and exposure in a rather short period, you need to have a few cards on your sleeve. 

The app enables you to make short videos and keep them as memories by saving the files. TikTok​ has gained more popularity last year, ever since it entered the U.S. market, registering more than 500 million subscribers.

Gain More Popularity and Exposure Rapidly

Here are a few tips for you if you want to be more popular and have more views on your creations. If you follow those steps, you’ll have a guaranteed success.

1. Stick to a Niche

Having a niche is crucial, not only on TikTok but in life in general. Irrelevant of what kind it is, a niche will help you become associated with the name of the industry, therefore, try to stick with a chosen niche.

2. Be Crazy

Let the craziness within you pour on the outside. On TikTok​, there are two separate things one must do in order to become popular: consistent posting and craziness – they go hand in hand. Your followers will get regular and entertaining content, which they will send to other people; therefore, you will get exposure and popularity.

Also, be different. Try to appeal to the originality inside you, and create content that attracts.

3. Follow, Then Unfollow the Most Popular Users

When someone follows you, you will notice, right? However, when you notice that they unfollowed you, you begin to pay more attention to the person. Therefore, follow popular content creators on the app, then unfollow them. They will surely notice you and will keep an eye on you. 

4. Collaborate With Others

To gain more followers, it is vital to collaborate with other users. Your collaborators may share the content you worked on their social media platforms, enabling you to make yourself known.

5. Keep Things Compact and Appealing

​Try to limit your videos, and don’t make them look abrupt. A sudden ending is not interesting and downplays your overall performance, along with the way users see you.

6. Participate in Challenges

TikTok​ monitors all the performers who take part in daily challenges and notes which one does great. Next thing you know: their profile is boosted up. Also, use proper hashtags when posting your content. They make the difference.

​7. Post Content at a Certain Time

Not only on TikTok​ but on all social media platforms, the time at which you post your content is probably the most important factor you must consider. Sharing content twice a day has been reported to increase the number of followers, mainly because it exposes you. However, sharing it at the right time helps tremendously.

Allegedly, the ‘magic hours’ on which to post on TikTok are between 11 am and 5 pm, as people are most likely to use the app during this time window. Get to know your audience and observe how often and at which hours they use the app, so you know what time is most fruitful.

The Bottom Lines

TikTok​ can get people out of their daily routine, so make sure also to create content that attracts. All the mentioned tips are crucial if you want to gain more popularity and exposure to the app. Just let your creativity flow and enjoy making content, and everything will come by itself.

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