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Three Best Methods to Transfer Media From Android to Mac in 2020

As it introduced the 2016 MacBook series, Apple removed the usual ports of the device and replaced them with a Thunderbolt 3-enabled USB​ Type-C port. Now, all the new Mac devices pack USB Type-C ports rather than the standard USB, HDMI, and charging ports.

While it does a great job when it comes to uniformity, the change came with some annoying things, especially when transferring files from Android. Most Android devices pack USB Type-A to Type-C cables. However, when trying to transfer content from Android to a Mac device, what do you do?

We will cover three different methods to transfer media from Android to Mac in this post, both online and offline.

Google Photos

Google Photos is among the best services that the tech giant has developed in the last years. It offers unrestricted backup for photos to the Google cloud, as well as AI tips to auto-organize the content.

Here is how to upload the media that you want to transfer to Google Photos and download them on Mac with this incredible product.

• Head to Google Photos and launch it
• Go to ‘Settings’ and enable the ‘Backup & Sync’ option. You can also manually select the albums you want to keep on Google Photos through the album menu
• On your Mac, open the Google Photos web on any browser
• Select the images and click on the menu to choose the ‘Download’ option to get them on your PC
• If you want to keep the sync of media  between Android and Mac, you can use Google’s backup & sync feature


There are numerous people that won’t use Google services due to privacy concerns. If this is the case here, you can use the third-party cloud storage from OneDrive, Dropbox, and so on.

OneDrive is an amazing substitute for Google, especially since Microsoft provides users with 1TB of storage space with each Office 365 plan.

Here is how to use OneDrive to transfer media from Android to Mac.

• Select the images that you want to send and share them with the OneDrive application
• Launch the OneDrive web on Mac and find the folder with the images you uploaded
• Select them and click on the ‘Download’ option to get them on your PC

Apple devices users can also get the OneDrive Mac application from the App Store.


Xender is an offline method to transfer files between devices. One of the most popular software for transferring content, apps, as well as files from one device to another, Xender also has a web version that supports both PC and Mac.

Here is how to use Xender to send photos or other kinds of files from Android to Mac.

• Download Xender on your Android device
• Launch the app and tap on the ‘+’ key located in the upper right corner, and choose ‘Connect PC’
• Visit the Xender web on Mac and scan the QR code from the mobile device. Revert to smartphone and select the ‘Scan’ option to scan the code on the PC manually
• Your media files should appear on Xender web; select the ones you want and click on the ‘Download’ button to get them down on your computer
• You can also transfer files back to your smartphone by using drag and drop

Make an Easy Transfer from Android to Mac

Android has no AirDrop alternative for Mac users as of yet. However, that should not restrict users from transferring data from their smartphone to Mac. Using the methods above, you can easily send content with both online and offline ways.​


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