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Three Best Alternatives to Microsoft’s Surface Pro Laptops

Microsoft Surface Pro series​ are among the top best laptop-tablet devices on the market, but there are numerous alternatives offering much better features at an affordable price.​ The few alternatives pack a lot of upgrades, increased battery life, more performant keyboards, and numerous other features that the Surface Pro​ doesn’t have.

Moreover, few of these models come with a pen and a keyboard, items you would normally have to buy separately when purchasing a Surface Pro​. Here are three of the best Microsoft Surface Pro​ alternatives in 2020.

ThinkPad X1

The ​ThinkPad X1 tablet​ features a 13-inch display, a reliable and durable cover that has passed 12 military tests, as well as Amazon‘s Alexa AI assistant. The 2-in-1 device comes with a Thunderbolt 3 ports meant for fast data transfers, a microSD card reader, and a headset jack.

The device is also able to detect 4,096 various levels of pressure put on it by the digital pen, all this while the screen stays intact. The best thing about the ThinkPad X1 tablet​ is that it supports LTE connectivity; therefore, you can use mobile data in order to use it for Internet, which will never be possible for any Surface Pro devices.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S

The ​Samsung Galaxy TabPro S​ is an ideal 2-in-1 tablet which can be coupled with a keyboard cover. The device is somewhat similar to the Surface Pro, but it is lighter and slimmer. It features a 12-inch Super AMOLED touch display, and 2160 x 1440 resolution.

The best thing about Samsung Galaxy TabPro S​ is that you can pair any Samsung smartphone with the tablet to check notifications, manage calls, and so on. The device has about 10.5 hours of battery life and takes only 2.5 hours to fully charge. It also features 5MP front and rear cameras, as well as an LTE-backed model.

Dell Latitude 7200

Dell Latitude 7200​ is a great business laptop that can be fixed at an on-site repair facility in case something happens to it. When it comes to the Surface Pro devices, however, they need to be sent to Microsoft’s service centers. This is not a great idea since business users may dispose of important information and need the device most of the day, which is impossible to attain when sending it to a Microsoft facility.

The Dell Latitude 7200​ is easier to get back as it can be repaired easily. It can also for almost any job a computer can do, so there’s no need to worry about backups and reinstalling programs on it.

The device features a 12.3-inch display with 1920 x 1080 resolution and a camera that launches into Windows 10. Some different specs include two USB Type-C Thunderbolt 3 ports, a USB 3.1 port, a nano-SIM, and a microSD card reader.

These devices are great alternatives for Microsoft’s Surface Pro laptops that offer some better specs and come with a cheaper price tag.

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