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There Might Have Been Alien Life on Earth

There is one question that has preoccupied the human race for a very long time. Governments, scientists and pop culture have all wondered if there are aliens in the Universe. It is impossible to say what is scarier: to be completely alone out there or to know that we are sharing the Universe with another form of life.

In 2017, a US space scientist made an incredible claim: advanced forms of life could be a reality, but they disappeared a very long time ago. The man behind this claim is Jason Wright, a professor of astrophysics and astronomy, affiliated with the Pennsylvania State University. In a paper called “Prior Indigenous Technological Species”, published in arXiv in 2017, he stated that ancient “technological species” could have lived on our planet, but, if that is the case, they have disappeared billions of years before the emergence of the human race. Wright also stated that ancient technological life could have also appeared on Mars, back when there was liquid water on the surface, or on Venus, back when the planet was not yet in the greenhouse state it is currently in.

Wright explained that Earth is the most likely place to have hosted complex life in the past because it is already known to do so. Wright also explained that, currently, Venus would seem to be a terrible candidate for a technological species, as the temperature on the surface is higher than 700K. In the past, however, the planet could have been able to host complex forms of life.

Write considers that the ancient species have already disappeared, but that in the past we could have identified traces of their presence on the planet, known as “technosignatures”. Wright also mentioned that, by now, it is likely that all physical evidence of alien life has been lost.


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