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The Witcher Sequel – More Details Revealed As CD Projekt Red Signed New Deals

CD Projekt Red has done a fantastic job when choosing to work with creator Andrzej Skapowski and his series, The Witcher. The story and the characters are still evolving since they introduced The Witcher on Netflix. The reviews are fantastic!

This series has released its third installment on the consoles, as well. These devices are not as powerful as they should be for these titles, but players are still enjoying them. And we can all see that since the reviews are merely fantastic.

Andrzej Skapowski gave an interview with spicy details

As per a source, the creator and the writer of the series, Andrzej Skapowski talked back in 2017 about the entire thing. He stated that he was said because he didn’t make a deal with the studio for him to have a share in the profits when he had the chance to do so. He didn’t know how big the title will be. He sold the rights for a lot of cash.

They had a different way of seeing things: the new deal with Skapowski

The same source showed that some development certainly happened. This was the result of the creator approaching the government with regards to the article 44 of the copyright law. The studio released a statement. Then, they signed a new deal with the creator. This came as a stronger bond between them.

The fact that the agreement is under an NDA, there will probably be profits for both of the sides. This also means that CD Projekt Red owns The Witcher video game series, graphic novels, board games, and the merchandise.


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