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The Third Age Anniversary Celebration Event Brings New Update Filled with Fresh Content and a Bunch of Rewards

R2 Games is getting ready to update its browser game The Third Age to v7.4, on April 22. Expect to see many rewards during the Anniversary Celebration.

Among the new features, we will see a new Hero – the Death Black Wing, a Mysterious Tarot Event and the Wishing Pond. Version 7.4 in The Third Age will also come with optimization to the check-in event, tweaks to novice guide and Protection time of the Fort Sagehelm optimization. Let’s take an in-depth look at each of the new features we mentioned earlier.

New Hero

A new hero will come to The Third Age with the update. The Anniversary Celebration Event brings Death Black Wing. As you can see in the image below, the new Hero deals long-range damage.

Anniversary Celebration Event (April 24-27)

The special event for The Third Age first anniversary is a good feature for the players that do not pay for content. You may be familiar with the way this even will take place since it is similar to the Winter’s Blessing event we had last winter.

Now we have a cake making event during which players must make two layers of cake, add decorations and light candles. Completing the three stages will reward players with plenty of gift packages.

Mysterious Tarot Event (April 22-23)

The Mysterious Tarot Event comes with a few rules that are important to know in order to see how you can win rewards:

  • During the event, use gems to exchange event item “Crystal ball”.
  • Flipping the tarot cards consumes crystal balls, and the number of crystal balls required to flip the tarot cards of different colors is different.
  • If you successfully flip three silver-edged tarot cards and the three tarot cards can be connected in a straight line, the gold-edged tarot cards at both ends of the straight line will be unlocked.
  • Every time you flip the tarot card, you can get a random item reward, and get a lucky number and Augury points.

  • You can view the lucky numbers you have obtained on the “Augur’s Gift”. When you get all the specified numbers in the lucky combination, you can receive their corresponding rewards.
  • The rank shows the top 10 players with accumulated augury points, and the corresponding ranking rewards will be issued by email after the event ends.
  • The rank is updated every hour during the event.
  • After the event, the remaining crystal balls can be reserved for the next event.

Wishing Pond Event (April 27-28)

Another even filled with rewards is the Wishing Pond Event, in which you can win extra treasure chest rewards, among other rewards according to the rank you reach when accumulating wishing points. Here are the rules for this event:

  • During the event, use gems to redeem event item “Wishing Coins”.
  • Every time you consume the wishing coins to make a wish, and you can randomly obtain item rewards in the Wishing Pond and get lucky numbers and lucky points.
  • Players in each server make a wish using the wishing gold coins, which will increase the number of gems in the Wishing Pond.
  • If the obtained lucky number is consistent with the specified number, you can get the corresponding proportion of gems in the current Wishing Pond, and the gems will be issued by mail.
  • When all the gems in the Wishing Pond are collected, they will be reset to the initial number of gems.

  • You can get extra treasure chest rewards when you accumulate lucky points to a required number.
  • The rank shows the top 10 players with accumulated wishing points. After the event, the corresponding ranking rewards will be issued by email.
  • The rank is updated every hour during the event.
  • After the event, the remaining wishing coins can be kept until the next event.

Era Treasure

Another event coming with v7.4 is Era Treasure, in which players use gems to redeem the event item “Dragon Scale Crystal.” Here are the rules of the event:

  • Dragon Scale Crystal can be used to participate in the Era Treasure Draw, the number of Dragon Scale Crystals required for each draw will increase by the number of times.
  • The prizes drawn each time will be removed from the prize pool, and all prizes must be obtained after 12 times.

  • After all rewards have been drawn, the roulette wheel will be reset and the reset times is limited.
  • After the event, the remaining dragon scale crystals can be kept until the next event.

Other Features and Improvements

There’s a new button to the star-up interface of heroes – Redeem. Use it to enter a new interface and use the general chips to redeem the corresponding hero chips.

  • The Check-in Event has been optimized for players that have reached a maximum of 365 days in the total check-in event.

  • The Novice Guide has seen some improvements – you can now skip the novice plot process thanks to the ‘skip’ button.
  • Protection time of the Fort Sagehelm has also been changed to 15 days.

Players will also get Celebration Packs and Anniversary Blessings next week during the event (April 22-24). Read more details about The Third Age Anniversary Celebration Event on the TTA official website. Keep in touch with the devs and the community on the official The third Age Facebook page here.

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