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The Sony PS5 – When Can You Preorder It?

The release date of Sony’s upcoming console is a subject of constant debate amongst the community of fans this year, mainly because Sony hasn’t yet revealed an official release date for the PS5.

You might be wondering when you will be able to preorder the PlayStation 5, just like millions of gamers around the world are.

The PS5 is a direct rival to Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. However, unlike its direct competitor, Sony hasn’t revealed a generous amount of information about the new console. The latest reveal video made by Sony is the DualSense controller, which was also the subject of many debates. It became clear that it’s either a hit or a total miss for gamers. Some love its looks, while others find it weird.


Sony’s slow drip-feeding policy of PS5 information is tough on the community.

We never received an official launch date of the console, as Sony only said that it would be launched during “holiday 2020,” which is unpleasantly uncertain.

The console will be launched before Christmas without a doubt so that sales will start on the right foot. That means that preorders will be available sometime before.

Unfortunately, there is no indication as to when we will be able to preorder the console, but many vendors have started accepting sign-ups. GameStop, Best Buy, and Target have launched sign-up programs for gamers who want to be notified when they can place a preorder for the PS5.

However, that’s not the case in the UK, where no similar company offered a related service.

Still, some analysts took a look at the current situation, compared it to the launch of the PS4, and estimated that we would be able to place preorders for the PS5 sometime in June this year.



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