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The Sims 5’s Launch Date, Gameplay, Rumors, and Features

The developers, Maxis and Electronic Arts, didn’t unveil yet a release date for the newest Sims 5. It is time to launch a new game considering it has passed some time since the developers came with something. They prepare, however, further development with DLCs in The Sims 4.

Rumors started when players observed how important the toddlers expansion became in Sims 4. This thing made them thinking at a possible feature for the newest Sims 5, meaning that the parenthood could become very significant. As parenthood represent a hard task in real life, in the expansion DLC is the same, being pretty much challenging.

Parenthood Feature for the Newest Sims 5

An installment like parenthood would require the players to feed their Sims kids as they grow up. However, how challenging this would be, we will discover only if the developers choose this feature. We don’t have an assurance from them yet.

Remembering when this feature first hit Sims 4, back in 2017, it introduced many features with toddlers and teenagers. Right now, an installment like this is hard to predict, we only hope.

We Won’t Have a Sims 5 Release in 2019

Unfortunately, EA and Maxis won’t surprise us with a launch this year, as fans were highly expecting it. Fans, however, started the buzz with the release of Sims 5 in 2019, because the first installment of Sims happens every five years.

Developers focus right now on Sims 4, upgrading it and adding more content, before taking a step forward for Sims 5. More DLC, however, will be brought to Sims 4 in a few months.

The Sims is a popular series of life simulation video games developed by Maxis and proudly published by Electronic Arts. The set comes with great content and well-developed expansions.


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