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The Siege of Winterfell is About to Begin in Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming

Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming gets a new event called “Siege of Winterfell,” where players get to experience war between two alliances. The battlefield will be filled with opponents, which you have to battle using real-time strategy skills in order to occupy buildings and get the resources that will help your alliance win the war. In the end, the alliance with the most points will win, but all the participants in the Siege of Winterfell will be rewarded.

So, if you’re ready to fight in the Siege of Winterfell, here are a few rules and tips that will help you win the war.

Register and Prepare for the Siege of Winterfell

To be part of the new event, players will have to join the battlefield. Alliance officials will have to choose a time slot and register the Siege of Winterfell. Then, the top 50 alliances in unprotected kingdoms will qualify to participate in the event.

Participants will join a league based on their battle rating. There are three leagues – Super League, A League, and B League.

Then, they have 24 hours to register for the event. Thirty minutes before the battlefield starts, players can join the battlefield or teleport to a new map and get their buffs and Lord bonuses copied so that they can use them in the match.

Alliance officials can head over to the Battle Shop before the match begins to buy healing speed up items. During the Siege of Winterfell no troops will die.

There are some features that will not be available to use in the battleground, such as: Dragon and Race Boots, the “Rally” function, and troop dispatch actions outside the battleground are also disabled once you enter the battleground.

Siege of Winterfell Battleground Details

With the beginning of Siege of Winterfell event, players will notice that there is a new battle mode. Let’s check all the details about the event map and how to win the war.

The Event Map and Buildings

There will be three periods during the battleground:

  • First Period – Greyjoy Outpost and Stark Outpost are unshielded.
  • Second Period – All remaining structures are unshielded after 12 minutes.
  • Third Period – Winterfell resources begin to appear.

Obtaining Points in the Battleground

We mentioned in the beginning that the victorious alliance will be the one that has the most points. Every player wins points that count towards the victory.

This is why players must occupy building to win points and also to buff your alliance. To obtain points, players capture buildings on the map and the longer the occupation, the more points they earn. Your alliance will receive points when you send Winterfell resources to the buildings that have been occupied by your side.

The Battle – RTS Mode

The Commanders

A new tactic is coming in this event – players will have to use real-time strategy skills their commanders receive to fight during the siege.

Each player can use up to three commanders for each of your three armies, and choose one as the Chief Commander. Once the battle starts, the Chief Commander will first use its Active Strategic Skill, then the Deputy Commander 1 and then the Deputy Commander 2. After that, the Chief Commander will once again cast the skill, and so on, in a cycle.

The Active Strategic Skill is unique to each commander. If planned correctly, all of the commanders can use their skills consecutively within the same second. Here are the commanders that can be used in this event:

Russell, Robb Stark, Seg, Gorell, Haley, Chris, Jon Snow, Andrea, Sansa Stark, Meranda, Theon Greyjoy, Sheila, Soren, Jeane, Laena Water, Annie, Merrel Peake, Arslan, Cersei Lannister, Varys, Melisandre, Feis, Kravras.

Before entering the battleground, players will only be able to get the Lord Bonus if they choose from the available commanders that are listed above.

The Armies

Players will join the battleground and have three armies. They can be fully controlled through a sidebar or by directly clicking on them. You can tell them to move, attack, withdraw or garrison. Here’s how you can move the armies:

  • Left-click on the army on the map to select and control it. Left-click on the army’s avatar in the sidebar to go to its location.
  • Left-click twice on the army to select multiple armies.
  • Use the keyboard numbers to select a single or multiple armies (- more on this feature below)
  • Right-click on an empty spot to deploy the army towards the target.
  • The Garrison and Withdraw command buttons are on the bottom right of the screen.
  • Left-click on an enemy army and click the Attack command button from the bottom right of the screen to engage in fight.
  • Left-click your army or an enemy army on the World Map to learn more information about them.

The Speed of Your Armies

Since this is an RTS fight, the speed of your army is essential. Troops will march in the battleground and can be stopped at any moment. But an army’s speed is different, depending on what troops you choose.

For instance, Cavalry is the fastest moving troop, but has the smallest attack range. Meanwhile Infantry moves slow and has the same small attack range. The entire army will move at an average speed of all soldiers, so if you have both Cavalry and Infantry, the speed will be influenced by both the Cavalry’s speed and the Infantry’s speed.

The Range of Your Armies

Just like the marching speed, each type of troop has a different range. Maximize the damage and minimize the risk of losing a battle by following these rules:

  • After sending your army to attack the target, they will attack once they get in range.
  • The attack range of Bowmen is the highest, followed by Spearmen. The attack range of Cavalry and Infantry is the lowest.
  • If you only have Cavalry and Infantry in the army, you will have a arrow attack range. If you have an army of Bowmen, it will have the widest attack damage. Before deploying an army, make sure you choose the right units to win the battle.
  • The army can attack only one target, but its AoE skills will apply to enemies or allies that are in the range.
  • The army attacks an enemy every second of the fight, but only when it is in range. If your army gets attacked, your units will counterattack – and if the target that attacked you is not in range, your counterattack will deal less damage.
  • You can use more armies to attack one single enemy army. If you use two armies at the same time to attack an enemy army, you can take advantage of the situation – the enemy army will get a debuff and suffer more damage, so the more armies attacking one army, the more debuffs and damage the enemy will suffer.
  • Attacks can be cancelled at any time, and if the enemy cancels the attack as well, the battle will stop immediately.

Keyboard Shortcuts to Command Troops

We mentioned earlier that you can control troops with keyboard numbers. Here are the shortcuts:

  • Number key “1” – Selects team 1
  • Number key “2” – Selects team 2
  • Number key “3” – Selects team 3
  • Shift key – Multi-selects teams
  • “R” key – Recalls the selected teams
  • “S” key – Makes the selected teams stand down

Siege of Winterfell Rewards

Last but not least, let’s see the rewards players receive in the Siege of Winterfell. The battleground will end when the countdown timer reaches 0. Then, the victorious alliance is the one that has gathered the most points.

Each player that has been part of the event will receive rewards based on how many points they gathered throughout the fight. The players that are in the winning alliance will also win exclusive rewards.

All the points that have been earned in the battlefield can be used to purchase various materials from the Valor Shop, such as Awakening materials or Simon Medals.

Start your battle and seize your throne in Westeros right away. The adventure starts as soon as you press the play button on the R2Games platform. Learn more about Game of Thrones Winter is Coming on the R2Games platform.


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