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The Samsung Galaxy S22’s Futuristic Design Will Amaze You!

Samsung has recently filed a patent for a futuristic smartphone with a transparent display!

Chasing Innovation

The South Korean company was the first to release the first proper foldable phone, and, though it had a few mishaps, it was expectable for such new technology.

The Fold was an exciting concept, and Samsung continued to pursue better foldable phones.

Their progress with the Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold 2 is stunning.

However, that’s not what we will be talking about today.

This article is about Samsung’s latest and craziest idea – a transparent smartphone!

The concept device is the brainchild of Giuseppe Spinelli in collaboration with LetsGoDigital. It is based on a Samsung patent filed back in January and published by August’s end.

About The Device

The secret behind the smartphone is an impressive OLED display that allows light to pass through, something that the company has already achieved with its 55-inch transparent OLED displays.

LG had a similar patent for a transparent device. It is in the race against Samsung and Sony to claim another world first.


Though the transparent design is an impressive concept, it comes with a bunch of mishaps, including the lack of housing for internal components – the device would either have huge bezels or rely on electronics on a scale that hasn’t been invented yet to achieve what the concept images have shown us.

Sony Ericsson had a similar attempt with the Xperia Pureness back in 2009, but it was far from what Samsung chases.

You can check out the Xperia Pureness here – it’s an impressive model, though it’s not a very usable device.

Samsung might first release the technology on a tablet, as there would be more room for thicker bezels paired up with regular SMD electronics.


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