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The Reason Why The PS5 And Xbox Series X Are Beneficial For The Apple TV!

Microsoft recently announced that Apple TV would become available for the Xbox Series S and X models right from the start, and the Xbox One would also start receiving support for the service on Nov. 10.

Only a few weeks prior, Sony also announced that Apple TV would be bundled at launch on the upcoming PS5 as well as the existing PS4.

That will grant next-gen console users the chance to access owned contend and Apple TV+ originals, plus subscription channels straight from their gaming console.

Sony and Microsoft don’t necessarily rely on Apple, but the Cupertino-based company heavily depends on them.

Attempts To Escalate

Apple managed in the past year to bring newer titles to its service and now offers a subscription bundle to Showtime and CBS All Access to promote the service and attract potential customers.

Apple TV started featuring old and new films to improve speed up the lineup of content featured by Apple TV+.

At its early stage, it was limited to Apple products with minor exceptions, thus resulting in semi-exclusive access to the service before being released to more devices like TVs over the last few months.

If you think about it, it makes sense that Apple would want its service running on as many devices as possible, as they can also work like set-top boxes.

Also, the “lightning-fast” loading of the PS5 and the Xbox Series X being the “fastest, most powerful Xbox ever” are prone to making the service run flawlessly, so there is no reason why Apple would back out of such a deal.

Stay tuned to learn more on the subject, as the release date of the next-gen consoles is right around the corner.


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