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The PlayStation 5 Backwards Compatibility Feature Is Going to Be Huge

The PlayStation 5 will be released before the winter holidays in 2020, which means we’re less than a year away from its official launch. However, Sony hasn’t said much about the features PS5 will bring to the table. There is no release date, no price range or what games will be brought to the next-gen console. We don’t know its specs or any official details about the type of backwards compatibility.

But this doesn’t mean it’s all kept a secret, and as long as we’ll have leaks and rumors, we can paint a pretty good image of what the PS5 will look like. Nonetheless, the following information should be taken with a grain of salt, even if they come from a reliable source.

PS5 Backwards Compatibility Will Be Huge, Says Reliable Source

We know for a fact that the PS5 will have backwards compatibility, meaning that users will be able to play PS4 titles on the PS5, but HipHopGamer claims Sony is working on making this feature even bigger than we thought.

HipHopGamer reported that Sony is working on a “Remastering Engine” for the PS5 and that it will make not just PS4 titles available on the PS5, but also PS1, PS2 and PS3 titles. But that’s not all about this feature.

The report says PS5’s backwards compatibility will improve the old titles and add to them 4k support similar to what the Xbox One X has in terms of handling the same feature. Here’s his Livestream he shared on Twitter:

HipHopGamer took his time to explain that he is confirming all this information after talking to his sources and he is confident the details are correct.

In the past, we saw Sony file patents for backwards compatibility support with all the PlayStation consoles. Sony also filed a patent for a system that adds trophies to games from PS1 and PS2. We will have to see how the backwards compatibility technology is going to look like on the PS5.

With the “Remastering Engine,” devs will no longer need to release ‘Remastered’ versions of older games, and will have to create ‘Remakes,’ added HipHopGamer in his Livestream.

Let’s all hope Sony has some great news to reveal in the coming months about the PS5. Stay up to date by checking our entire coverage of the next-gen console here.


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