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The Mystery Of The Universe Before The Big Bang Remains Unsolved

Almost everyone has heard about the Big Bang, the violent phenomenon which shaped the universe as we know it today. However, many wonder how the universe looked like before the big explosion.

Before we delve into the more in-depth details, it is important to mention that it is essential to establish that time as we know it did not exist before the Big Bang. There is no way to develop a clear answer, but researchers have explored a variety of possibilities, and some of them will be mentioned below.

What we know about the early universe is mostly based on two theories: the Standard Model of particle physics and the General Theory of Relativity. By looking at how galaxies are distributed and by analyzing the number of primordial elements and the patterns of the cosmic microwave background, a general question can be reached: How did the universe reach this stage?

We Don’t Know How Was The Universe Before The Big Bang

With the help of one of the two theories, we can travel back in time, but they can take us only across a limited distance. During its evolution, the universe reached a specific point where its temperature and density reach impressive numbers. In this context, we need a new theory which blends information from both the Standard Model and the General Theory of Relativity.

At this point, the theory is not available yet since it has to tackle very complex variables, including the curvature of the universe and the rate at which it expands. Since this theory does not exist, it is impossible to address any of the issues which are involved without speculating.

One of the speculative theories envisions a universe which could continue to expand until it runs out of the material which forms new stars. Another involves the existence of the fifth dimension of space-time which could integrate the four existing ones in a type of dimensional membrane. It is hoped that continuous progress could solve these questions in the future, along with the one regarding the universe before the big bang.


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