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The Last of Us 2: Release Date and Latest Teasers Available

It’s been said that The Last of Us 2 would come for PS4, on the 21st of February 2020. There’s also a new trailer for the game.

This comes after a leak surfaced the internet: the Last of Us 2 would hit the market on the February 2020, but the leak did not really predict the exact launch date, it was instead a week off.

On the 24th of September, on Tuesday, Sony held their State of Play broadcast, and they made a huge reveal about PS4. Fans hoped for Ghost of Tsushima to also appear, but they also believe there was a Batman game that could be announced. There were many rumors about all the games that could appear on the PS4, but we know for sure that there’s one particular game that would make its appearance again.

According to some sources, the Last of Us 2 will make its appearance at the next State of Play. It would be the first showing since E3 2018. Naughty Dog came with many teasers about the upcoming game.

These clips come with nothing for us, just some weapons or individual items from the game and ambient background music. Together with these teasers, Naughty Dog posted on Twitter some quotes. One of them writes: as “I’m gonna find…and I’m gonna kill…every last one of them.”

We are sure that fans all over the world are quite excited to see the game come back after more than a year with no trailers or even screenshots.

From the last rumors that run inside the community of the game, it is said that the release date would be the 21st of February 2020. This rumor comes from the website of a Swiss retailer, who listed the game this way.


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