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The Justice Department Can’t Keep Its Own Law Secret Forever

When the laws and constitution are interpreted by any of the lower courts or the Supreme Court itself, their decrees are accessible, public, and are subject to debate as well. There are some of the instances in which the law doesn’t fall tandem with the interests of the public, Congress has complete rights to amend the law and nullify the decision of the court.

If the question raised concerning the constitution is specifically egregious, an amendment to the laws of the constitution is regarded optional. However, there is a completely new category of American law that is way above such balances and checks. The public is unaware of any such laws and there is no way that these laws can be challenged in the court, lest debated in Congress halls.

A whole new body of secret law has been kept under a shield from the view of the public. The point is the details about these laws are not known to the public that carries the enforceable laws, solutions to resolve the disputes among the agencies, affects on liberties and civil rights, and the conduct of federal officials directly. These opinions are made by one particular scholar that dates back to the initial days of Republic.


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