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The iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max Will Come With an Advanced 3D ToF Sensor

Many Apple fans are already awaiting the release of the next generation of smartphones developed by Apple. Initial data infers that the current trilogy approach will be maintained. Prospective owners will have the option to buy the standard version of one of the two iPhone 12 Pro models, and it seems that Apple plans to enhance the latter with a significant addition.

Augmented reality has been quite popular in recent years, with a big contribution made by popular AR mobile games that have been a hit among many users. Apple believes that AR is a promising opportunity, and a few sources claim that an advanced 3D time-of-flight (ToF) sensor will be present on the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The iPhone 12 Pro Models To Launch With An Advanced 3D ToF Sensor

One report also mentions the possible existence of infrared sensors that can be used by the device to map a room and offer the option to use augmented reality elements like stickers, which scale to the actual size of the room to look better.

A few details have been found in the source code for iOS 14, as it seems that a significant amount of time has been spent on several features of the cameras featured on the upcoming devices. The information is united under an umbrella codename of dx5. Previous data mentions the fact that a similar codename, dx4, has been used for the iPhone 11 range.

Some analysts theorize that Apple could also be working on a dedicated augmented reality app that could offer access to novel features that could be enjoyed by many users.

It is rumored that the Pro range will come with a quad-camera setup, with the ToF sensor being accompanied by a wide-angle camera, and ultra-wide angle camera and a telephoto lens. There is no release date at this point, but the new iPhone 12 series should arrive in September 2020.


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