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The Google Nest Mini Will Come with a Wall Mount

In less than 24 hours, the Made by Google event will begin. The popular event allows the company to highlight its latest hardware devices, and many are looking forward to potential announcements.

The internet is always hard at works, and several leaks have been observed in recent days, including a very interesting one. A reliable source argues that Google will release a revamped nest model which has been designated as the Nest Mini.

One of the most interesting aspects stems from the fact that the speaker does not appear to feature an auxiliary 3.5mm headphone jack, which was mentioned in the case of earlier reports, as many anticipated that Google would offer a way to connect the device to external speakers. It seems that this will not be the case, at least for now.

The leak is accompanied by some images which highlight the use of the device in a variety of contexts. A groove that is present on the back of the device will allow potential users to mount it on a wall. The leaker mentions that the device will have the same proportions as the current Home Mini.

Google will offer the Nest Mini in four colors: users can pick between coral, anthracite, rock candy, and sky blue. The first and the second color variations are known internally under the name of Chalk and Charcoal.  Some prospective users may be disappointed by the fact that Aqua, a color that was offered during the middle of the lifecycle of the Home Mini.

It is also important to note that the bottom of the devices matches the color of the body, a stylish move if we take into account the fact that this is not available in the case of three out of the four Home Mini devices.

At this point, it is hard to tell if the device will feature a USB port, Google will answer most questions when an official announcement will be released.


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