The Elder Scrolls: Total War Mod Released The 2.0 Update

Elder Scrolls was in the spotlight not too long ago when a special event was revealed.

If you’re an Elder Scrolls fan, then you definitely know that almost eight years have passed since The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was released, and you are probably also aware of the fact that it managed to receive praise from players and reviewers as well.

The renowned title was released across an extended number of platforms, and a lot of gamers believe that Bethesda can deliver a worthy sequel or a new entry in the series.

Rumors regarding a potential location of the new installation 

There are various rumors regarding the possible location of the upcoming installation.

We recommend that you head over to this previous article and find out more details on the subject.

In other news, towards the end of past month, it’s been revealed that the latest update for Elder Scrolls: Blades brings a special event in the form of the Witching Season.

The Elder Scrolls: Total War for Medieval II: Kingdoms 2.0 update 

Now, it’s been just reported that the modders behind The Elder Scrolls: Total War for Medieval II: Kingdoms have released their 2.0 update.

It’s worth noting that this includes the fourth era of the Elder Scrolls world, the setting for the civil war in Skyrim that’s painting the Elder Scrolls V.

PCGamer also notes that the update adds the Stormcloaks and the dark elf Great House Sadras.

The online publication mentioned above also noted that this is the last update for the mod.

This was in development since back in 2015 and it makes use of the objectively superior old Total War naming scheme.

We recommend that you check out the trailer above and if you want to learn more details on this exciting update, head over to the original article written by PCGamer.

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