The Elder Scrolls Online: Skyrim Event Kicks Off With Harrowstorm DLC

The Elder Scrolls fans are getting more and more good news these days.

The game’s popularity is on the rise, and it’s no wonder that gamers cannot wait for the update.

Not too long ago, it’s been reported that Elder Scrolls 6 fans are eagerly awaiting a release date for the game.

It’s been already revealed that there are various Bethesda comments and job postings that seem to be suggesting that the follow-up to Skyrim aka The Elder Scroll 6 could be preparing to enter full production at Bethesda Game Studios and this could also be happening sooner than anyone would have thought.

The Elder Scrolls Online began the Dark Heart of Skyrim event 

The Elder Scrolls Online began the Dark Heart of Skyrim event with the launch of the Harrowstron DLC the day before.

Harrowstorm is available on PC and Mac, and it will also come to PS4 and Xbox One on March 10.

This is a bite-sized precursor to Greymoor a larger expansion coming this summer, which will take players to Western Skyrim.

Two new dungeons: Unhallowed Grave and Icereach

This sets up the events of Greymoor and introduces two new dungeons, which are the Unhallowed Grave and Icereach, says Games Radar.

The online publication mentioned above also reveals that the Unhallowed Grave is largely built around the grappling hook seen in the Dragonhold DLC.

“One of the goals for Unhallowed Grave was to reward players who like to explore and feel like delvers in the dark,” says dungeon lead Mike Finnigan.

He continued and explained the following, “The grappling hooks allowed us to provide an interesting traversal method in the dungeon and kick it up a notch in boss fights. As a result, it’s fully integrated within the dungeon in how you travel, battle its bosses, and even discover its secrets.”

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