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The Elder Scrolls 6 Will be the Ideal Game to Play on the Upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X

The highly-awaited The Elder Scrolls 6 has been on fans’ radar since the E3 2018 announcement when Bethesda confirmed that the next title in the popular franchise would be developed.

Ever since the announcement, the gaming studio has not released any details about the title, except for the fact that it will launch after Starfield is released. Still, a few weeks ago, fans have started a rumor mill that claimed the game is under works at the moment due to a few job listings that appeared on Bethesda’s website.

However, as we wait for an announcement regarding The Elder Scrolls 6 and then its release, two new consoles are scheduled to launch, which will be ideal for the new game in the popular series.

The PS5 Will be the Best Console of the Series

Many gaming fans are restlessly awaiting Sony‘s next-generation console that will debut this holiday 2020 and will offer a completely new experience to people all over the world.

As per PlayStation CEO, Jim Ryan, the PS5 will feature numerous ‘unique elements’ that will make the console the best so far out of all the other devices in the series.

“With every new console, the processor and graphics get better, which is, of course, compelling, but we need to have unique elements too,” Ryan said.

Even though there are not many details regarding the PlayStation 5, some gaming studios are already developing PS5-compatible games with 8K graphics and support for ray tracing.

The Xbox Series X Will Pack Great Specs

The Xbox Series X has been officially announced at the Game Awards in December 2019 and is Microsoft‘s rival for the PlayStation 5. The next-generation Xbox packs some features that will definitely impress fans, and even though the tech giant has been silent about the full specs of the new console, it was suggested that the power of Xbox Series X would be enhanced four times than that of the Xbox One X.

The console will also have 8K and 4K video outputs, which will also be ideal for The Elder Scrolls 6.

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