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The Best Live Streaming Platforms for Your Visual Content

The recent situation has increased demand on methods of content delivery across a range of industries and businesses.

Whether you are an educational facility, a business, or a content creator for an entertainment site, interacting with other people has become something you have to do digitally. We have had glimpses inside people’s homes like never before as communication via video link has become increasingly popular. Some world stars have even streamed events live from their homes, with pop star Sophie Ellis-Bextor gaining a cult following for her Kitchen Disco live streams.

Most other users, though, have engaged in live streaming for more practical reasons. For teachers, delivering educational content has become paramount, with screencasting software often the best option. HP examined the best screencasting apps for teachers and educational facilities, citing versatility and ease of use as two key features to look for in such software. The same features can also be applied to live streaming software, although the application is slightly different. Whilst educational content is perhaps better suited to a pre-recorded session using a screencast, other industries need to deliver live feed content to their customers or peers. Whether that is an entertainer live streaming events, or a business delivering updates, the live stream has become a vital part of today’s internet experience.

If you are looking to get into live streaming or would like to know more about the different providers, then we have got you covered here.

Facebook Live

Facebook has been around for a while now and has evolved into a media giant, shaking off the Cambridge Analytica scandal to remain one of the world’s leading platforms. It offers a streaming service direct from the news feed and is a great place to start for a basic live feed.

It offers one of the easiest interfaces with minimal options clouding your stream, as well as boasting the largest potential audience of all the social media platforms. It also has the live commenting feature, which increases user interaction on your stream.

The basic options on Facebook can be expanded upon by using software or apps such as Be.Live or Streamyard, which can help add branding to your live feeds on Facebook.


Periscope is Twitter’s live feed and although it too is easy to use, it differs from that of its social media rival. Twitter has always been about short, punchy messages in as few characters as possible and its live streaming service is the same. If you have a short stream to deliver, content that can fit inside a minute or so, then Twitter offers a significant audience attuned to short bursts of information.

Interaction is minimal aside from seeing likes and retweets at the bottom of your screen.


Instagram is another easy platform to use and is perhaps the best of all three of the big players when it comes to branding. Many influencers use Instagram over and above the other platforms, which make the easy-to-use live feed attractive as a way of instantly communicating a live, ongoing message.

Instagram is owned by Facebook which makes the experience largely similar in terms of output, but it is important to note the subtle differences in the type of live broadcast on each platform.


The first three platforms are all social media sites with a live feed tacked on, whilst Twitch is a dedicated streaming site that offers a more comprehensive experience. Those streaming on Twitch often have other methods of communicating their message, such as Twitter, but then set up a live channel on Twitch to stream their content.

It is often used for longer live streams favored by gaming channels and has been such a success that the BBC report Facebook are looking to launch a rival to it in the near future


YouTube has been the site of choice for streaming content creators for a while, making stars out of the likes to PewDiePie and his exclusive content. It isn’t as straightforward as simply logging in and broadcasting though, you must have a YouTube channel and a verified account as well. Whilst it has proven to be a great platform for those already in live streaming, for the amateur or newcomer a social media platform might be better placed to serve your needs.

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