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The Best Assistant Apps for Android

In a world where we are always looking to boost productivity and become more time-efficient, assistant apps are becoming increasingly popular especially among Android users. Nowadays anything from web searches to sending text messages can be done seamlessly using an assistant app using just your voice.

Many personal assistant apps have emerged from major companies such as Google, Amazon, and more. So, without any further ado, here are some of the best assistant apps for android.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant comes pre-installed with newer Android phones and is one of the most popular assistant apps. Google Assistant can be accessed by simply saying “Hey Google” even when your phone’s screen is off. It can give you the latest news updates, play your favorite music, and even text your contacts. Google is also continuously updating the assistant add new features and improving on the already excellent user experience. Older Android phones will have to use the dedicated Google Assistant app, but this doesn’t detract from the assistant’s benefits. Google Assistant offers almost everything that you could ask for from a personal assistant app in a neat and clean package.

Samsung Bixby


Bixby is the default personal assistant app for Samsung phones and is exclusively available to Samsung users. Bixby offers a wide variety of features including opening web pages, sending texts, installing apps, and taking selfies. While Bixby is still relatively new, it has established itself as one of the top assistant apps for Android thanks to the popularity and commercial success of Samsung phones.

Amazon Alexa


Amazon Alexa is also among the top assistant apps; however, it is more suited towards controlling other devices. These include the likes of Amazon Fire or the Amazon Echo devices. Amazon Alexa is most commonly used to play music but it can also set up alarms, search the web and even order pizza. While it is not the ideal choice for everyday use, Amazon Alexa certainly lets you get more out of other Amazon devices.



Hound is another virtual assistant app developed by SoundHound. Hound can play interactive games with you, make calls, write emails, find the name of songs, and other essential features. In addition, Hound is constantly learning and improving with time. One of Hound’s most appealing features is that you can use your natural voice as you would when talking to a friend.


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