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The Best Apps for Making Christmas Cards

If you have plans of sending more than just the basic “Merry Christmas,” and truly surprise everyone with your creativity. From hundreds of filters with funny faces and backgrounds to cute little messages, you should try the following for sure!

The Best Apps for Making Christmas Cards

Get Festive With Some Creative Filters

From the developers of the Photo Lab app, we have Christmas Photo Frames. Access Google Play Store, search for the app and install it. The app has many seasonal filters and other effects. The Pro Pack version has only a few extra filters, but it will free you from advertising. Start by choosing a photo you desire, then pick the right filter or effect. The customization is very easy and fun to do.

The Dancing Elf App

Since 2006, succeeded in making everyone happy with one of the funniest ways of shooting yourself. Currently, the app is available for every smartphone. ElfYourself provides 19 various dance videos, for which you’ll have to pay. There is even an AR version of the app. The dancing elf started a trend since the beginning, and some celebrities adore it, too!

A Message for Santa

With such an app, you can try to be Santa Claus and deliver some cute, impressive letters. You can send personal details, and the app will generate some videos with Santa’s greetings. The app is also providing a Reaction Recorder, which films the kids viewing the videos with the front camera.

Decorate Images With Borders and Texts

If your creativity needs a way of decorating photos with texts and borders, Christmas Picture Frames is the perfect app. From hundreds of various and cute made frames to image effects, filters, and text tools. You can also try the best of them all, a cartoon style.


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