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Test Your Limits in the New ‘Survivor Legacy’ Game and Save the Human Race

The world is facing a huge threat, and it’s only up to you to restore peace on Earth once again. Only in a video game, but who knows when such a scenario becomes a reality. ‘Survivor Legacy‘ is a brand new video game developed by GameHollywood and co-released by R2games. The title is officially out for several days and promises tons of exciting gameplay.

The game includes various spooky characters, and you can play as a grenadier, sniper, and many more. Your mission is to save the Earth from the verge of extinction after being sent into space for finding different resources for our planet. Not too hard, right?

Just who on Earth doesn’t like snipping games? Especially when there’s a hot woman maneuvering the sniper, ready to punish the naughty boys:


The characters of this game are pretty unique and diverse. From a girl using a chainsaw to a deadly skeleton, the characters of Survivor Legacy are promising plenty of hours of fun gameplay. Let’s see what a few of them are capable of:

Mad Scientist


Class: S

Type: Commando

This spooky-looking guy is not one to mess with. He conducted plenty of experiments trying to find a cure for the terrifying zombie virus.

The Lone Sniper

Type: Sniper

This is the girl mentioned above. She was born in the postwar world, and had been going through some intense training to become a warrior. Although the gal is very rascal towards her opponents and doesn’t hesitate to apply violence on them, she’s loyal to her comrades.

The Matron


Class: S

Type: Sniper

Need even more dangerous girls in a game? Elizabeth seems innocent, being a nurse that heals the wounded from dangerous places of the battlefield. Also, she can become very mean towards the zombies and do awful things to them.

The Mechanic


Class: B

Type: Commando

This dude is another dangerous element from the game. He’s a desert thief, he joined the Shelter and became a guard of the place. He may look bland, but he’s very intelligent. He’s able of designing his own weapons, and that says enough.

Remember that Survivor Legacy has many more to offer when it comes to the gameplay. Just what can possibly be more exciting than saving our beloved Earth?

Rest of the characters:

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