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Terrarium TV Update – Its Rise and the Gray Area

In recent times streaming has become the most popular way to access media content, especially if we take into account the fact that some live television services tend to be too expensive.

Services like Terrarium TV enthrall users with the option to watch their favorite content without paying a dime, but there is more to them than it meets the eye. Read below to learn everything you need to know about Terrarium TV and its peers.

What is/was Terrarium TV?

Terrarium TV was a popular service that allowed users to stream a wealth of content for free. It was quite popular among Android users since all you had to do was to install an APK file on your device.

The rise of Terrarium TV

Popcorn Time was the default streaming service for many users for a long while, but most of the content offered on the site was pirated, a fact which attracted the ire of copyrights owners, who urged ISPs to ban the access to the popular service.

Terrarium TV surfaced as a popular alternative that offered access to live television, an awesome user interface, and a selection of additional features.

Going dark

Many users accessed the official website to download the app, but at some point the website vanished along with the project of the app that was available on GitHub. The service was involved in several controversies, and after a few months the developer of the app announced that the service would be shut down.

The developer stated that he would not release the source of the app since the project should not be continued.

A gray area

While the project was not downright illegal, a large amount of content was scraped from the web, and some of the sources were more than questionable.

Is it still available?

Yes and no. While several sites claim that they offer a legit version of the app or service, any ties to the original developer are unlikely. The option to download an APK from one of these sources is available, but it should be verified in advance to avoid potential risks.


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