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Terraria Update is Available With Critical Fixes

Terraria​ is an action-adventure sandbox game that was initially released for Windows only; however, the game is now available on other PC, consoles, and mobile platforms. The title features exploration, crafting, building, and battles with numerous types of creatures in a 2D world.

Terraria’s​ final major update is set to launch on May 16th of this year, as the game celebrates its ninth anniversary of the initial release. Terraria​ 2 has been announced back in 2013, but there were no leaks and no details regarding it since.

Terraria​’s Features and Gameplay

Terraria​ has players fight for survival, fortune, and glory as part of the gameplay. You get to explore cavernous areas, seek out powerful rivals to test your skills in combat, or build your own city in the World of Terraria​.

The multiplayer in the game allows players to experience the title with up to seven other fans on local Wi-Fi, online via device-to-device Wi-Fi hosted games, or through the mobile Terraria​-dedicated server for PC, which can be accessed on the official website.

Terraria​ has been optimized for mobile phones as well, featuring new controls and a user interface that offers a new level of polish and powerful capacity. The game has new world sizes – small, medium, and large – which are of identical size as on Terraria​ for PC.

The gameplay offers more than 300 enemies to fight with, defeat, and plunder for loot, as well as over 15 bosses and events that test the players’ skills. There are more than 20 biomes and mini-biomes to investigate, both above and underground, such as forests, deserts, dungeons, and underworld ones.

Terraria​ also has a new Expert Mode that challenges even the most versed of the players, over 20 NPCs to discover, with each of them providing their own advantages and style, and more than 800 new items to discover, out of the total 3,500.​

Terraria Update

The developers release regular updates for the game in order to keep it fresh and secure. The latest roll-out, Terraria update, comes with some critical fixes, but no new features.​


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