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Telegram X Beta Update Brings More Control Over Who Can See Your Phone Number And More

We’re surfing the Internet all day long, and this makes it vital to be able to enjoy the highest possible level of safety and privacy.

In an era in which technology is evolving at a really fast pace, developers have already understood the importance of privacy.

Users from all over the globe have also understood how important it is to appreciate apps that can provide the highest level of privacy.

Telegram is one of the best examples of such an application that values privacy, and this is one of the things that made it so valuable these days.

The app gained a lot of interest from users for more reasons which include privacy because this makes it safe to enjoy conversations with your family and friends.

Telegram is a great app that makes it extremely easy for users to stay in touch with one another.

Telegram users should also give another application a try. This is Telegram X – an enhanced version of Telegram. It’s also worth noting that the client is based on TDLib.

Telegram X comes with boosted speeds, slicker animations, and access to all kinds of experimental features.

For those of you who are already using this extremely handy app, it’s important that a new update for Telegram X is out, and you can check out what it brings new below.

Telegram X Beta Update

This new update sports the beta version number. The only users who can download this update are the ones who are enrolled in the beta program.

Anyone can join this program, and the only condition is to have an Android-powered smartphone.

Here’s what you can expect new in this latest update, according to official notes:

– Polls 2.0: Multiple Answer, Visible Votes, Quizzes
– Channel Discussions
– Chats Archive
– Precise control over who sees your phone number
– Add people to contact list without phone number
– Edit messages and send new ones on the fly
– Seamless web login


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