Telegram X Beta Update Just Landed With Innovative Features

We’re living in an era in which we’re surfing the Internet all day long, and this made it essential to be able to enjoy safety and privacy, among others.

Technology is evolving these days at a really fast pace, and applications begin to understand more and more the stringent need for privacy.

It’s also worth noting that users all over the world are learning to appreciate such apps more and more these days.

Telegram, for instance, is such an app that values privacy a lot, and this made it really popular online these days.

Telegram managed to gain such huge popularity for various reasons, including high privacy, that you can enjoy while spending time on it and chatting with your pals and family. It’s vital to be able to enjoy some privacy while they’re speaking with their loved ones.

Telegram is an amazing app that makes it straightforward for users to stay in touch with one another.

Telegram users probably know by now or they should definitely learn about Telegram X – this is basically an enhanced version of Telegram. It’s also worth noting that the client is based on TDLib.

Telegram X is able to provide users with boosted speeds, slicker animations, and access to all kinds of experimental features. A new update for Telegram X is out, and you can check out what it brings new below.

Telegram X Beta Update

This update can be downloaded only by users who are enrolled in the beta program. But it’s not so hard to enroll the beta program, and anyone with an Android-powered smartphone and who’s willing to offer feedback to developers can do this.

Here’s what’s new in the update:

Three-lines chats list. Change via Settings — Themes and Chats — Chats List Style
Icons in the chats list for media messages
New emoji
New animation when opening profile & view long chat titles
Unified notifications & chats list message preview
Resend failed messages
Albums and multiple forwarded messages display as one notification

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