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Telegram Alternative: Telegram X Beta Update Brings New Emojis, GIFs And Animations

Telegram is a great application for various reasons, and users are already aware of these.

The app is excellent for making it more straightforward for users to stay in touch with one another.

Telegram’s number 1 priority is privacy

Privacy is essential these days, and anyone who surfs the web should already be aware of this, and Telegram developers have created this app with this very thing in mind.

Overall, is you’re searching for a chatting app that has privacy as its top priority – Telegram is one of the best options that you can possibly find these days.

The app managed to become really popular and gathered millions of users from all over the world – the main reason is the amazing UX that it has to offer.

As we’ve already said before, such huge popularity, especially compared to other apps that provide similar features, is thanks to its developers who always make sure to deliver updates in order to provide a UX that is as close to flawless as possible.

Telegram X, a great alternative to the original Telegram app

Telegram X is an enhanced version of Telegram, and it’s based on TDLib, which brings higher speeds, experimental features, and more goodies that users adore.

Telegram X is also updated on a regular basis just like the original app, and it gets massive software enhancements, new features and, of course, various bug fixes for known issues.

Now, a new update is out, and you can check out what it brings new below.

What’s new in the latest update for Telegram X?

The latest update for Telegram X is the Beta Update.

One of the best things that Telegram X fans can do is to enroll in the beta program because they will be the first ones to access the new goodies that come to the app.

This latest update rolls out via the OTA channels and this means that all users have to do in order to get it is to keep their mobile devices connected to a stable WiFi.

The latest update is categorized as a high-priority release and this is due to the fact that it brings new emojis, animations, icons in the chats and so on.

Official patch notes

Here are the official patch notes for the update:

– Three-lines chats list. Change via Settings — Themes and Chats — Chats List Style
– Icons in the chats list for media messages
– New emoji
– New animation when opening profile & view long chat titles
– Unified notifications & chats list message preview
– Resend failed messages
– Albums and multiple forwarded messages display as one notification


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