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Tekken 7 Players Might Have to Pay for Frame Data DLC

Players of Tekken will get a lot of brand new features. One that’s really useful is paywalled, that’s behind the season pass, which led to frustration when it comes to what Bandai Namco is offering, and all the other fighting games. Tekken 7 gets frame data for its moves, and it is set to be available to season pass owners, or for those who are able to buy it separately.

This rollout is a part of the third season of Tekken 7, and its producer, Michael Murray, confirmed on Twitter that all players who have Season Pass 3 would get this feature for free. Those who don’t have Season Pass 3, but who want to access the database will have to pay $4.

If you don’t know what frame data actually means, we will explain it. It’s about the in-depth information about the moves that a fighting game character can do. Let’s take an example: a fighter’s punch is like a pitcher throwing a ball – there are many things added to the process. When you throw a punch as Jin or as King, the same thing applies: it has a start-up, a time when it gets active, and a recovery time before you can throw the next punch. They are all measured in the frames of animation.

This data is very important for players that want to understand the game more. If you know how fast it starts up and if you can add more jab or react in time, you’ll get to know the fighting scene a little better. It also comes in handy if players want to get to know their characters better. also, it gives the content creators the data that they all need in order to create the materials for newcomers.


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