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Teamfight Tactics Set 3 Release Date To Soon Come, Reveals Riot Mort in Twitch Livestream

The auto battler from Riot Games still feels pretty fresh to me, as a current League of Legends player. With the Rise of the Elements set being introduced on November 6, things got really exciting since the changes brought with the set refreshed TFT and we must admit we haven’t yet had enough of Set Two.

Nonetheless, Set Three is on the way and Teamfight Tactics lead designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer revealed when it will be released. While he didn’t mention an exact day, he let us do the math.

In a Twitch livestream he was asked when Set Three will come to TFT and he gave us a clue.

Teamfight Tactics Set 3 To Soon Be Released

“Is there a set date?” Mortdog said in his Livestream, answering:

“Yes, I can’t announce it. All we’ve said is that Set Two will last as long as Set One. And so I keep telling people to do the math.”

Now let’s do the math.

Set one was launched along with the official release of TFT, which took place on June 26. On November 6, Set Two replaced the first one, which means the second set was released after 19 weeks.

Since Set 2 will last 19 weeks, we should see Set Three appear at around March 18!

However, Riot Games hasn’t yet officially confirmed the statement and we must take into consideration that the dev team could encounter some issues and postpone the release date.

What should we know about Set Three? Mortdog only revealed that the five five-cost units in Set One and Set Two made it too easy for players to get the desired champion and that Set Three would have six five-cost units.

Head over to Mortdog’s Twitch channel to learn more details about Set Three or check back on our Teamfight Tactics page to stay updated on all TFT news!


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