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Teamfight Tactics: New Changelog for Patch 10.19

Don’t hesitate to jump into Teamfight Tactics if you’re one of those gamers who like strategic titles where you get to fight everyone by yourself! Whether you choose to play Teamfight Tactics on a smartphone packed with Android or iOS, on a Windows PC, or on macOS, a decent load of fun is guaranteed.

But the developer Riot Games don’t seem to comply with those over 33 million players, and it’s preparing the 10.19 patch that will make the game even better.

Get ready for the September launch of the 10.19 patch

Riot Games releases the new patch for Teamfight Tactics sometime during September, and it will be made available in the League of Legends patch cycle. We should already consider ourselves lucky to already be able to learn about the changelog. These are some of the upcoming features:

  • Fates Pass and Fates Pass+(Free and Paid progression-based features that will allow players to unlock personalization content as they advanced through games)
  • Ranked Rewards for the players from past sets
  • A new Ranked season that offers new rewards
  • Fates Booms and Personalised Damage Animations
  • A new line of dragon-themed Little Legends and Personalised Player Avatars
  • The possibility of alternating ways of upgrading Little Legends

Let’s not also forget about the gameplay changes:

  • A new set mechanic
  • New Items
  • A new roster of 58 Champions in new Classes and Origins

If you’re still not convinced that Teamfight Tactics is a great game, maybe the Play Store description will be enough:

“Assemble an army of your favorite champions in Teamfight Tactics, the PvP strategy autobattler from the studio behind League of Legends.

In Teamfight Tactics, you’ll draft, deploy, and upgrade from a revolving roster of League of Legends champions in a round-based battle for survival. Band together with Rebels or devastate with Dark Stars—the strategy is all up to you.”

Feel free to jump into the fierce battles of Teamfight Tactics, as the game will soon become even more interesting than it already was! But remember: don’t try any of those battles at home!

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