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Teamfight Tactics Mobile Coming In Early 2020, Riot Mort Reveals Essential Detail

We all know Teamfight Tactics, or TFT as we all call it, has been quite popular since it was released this year. But when Riot announced they are making a mobile version, we couldn’t be happier.

Riot’s Upcoming Mobile Games Cause a Lot of Hype

The first time it was released, the TFT dev team explained they were not focused on working on a mobile version for Teamfight Tactics, but they would consider the option after they have polished the game. Months passed, new features and balance changes kept rolling in before a new set of champions and new items were added to the game and we can all agree TFT is polished enough.

With the League of Legends 10 year anniversary in October 2019, we learned of not just Teamfight Tactics coming to mobile, but also the League of Legends mobile version called Wild Rift and a new Hearthstone-inspired card game called Legends of Runeterra (the latter is also available on PC).

We can definitely say 2020 will be filled with amazing mobile games considering TFT, Wild Rift and Legends of Runeterra are heading to mobile platforms!

When Is Teamfight Tactics Coming to Mobile Devices in 2020?

Riot has mentioned they would release TFT to mobile devices in early 2020, but what does ‘early’ mean?

On Christmas Day, Riot Games’ lead designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer who is also part of the TFT dev team, held a livestream in which he answered a few questions about TFT, including the time when it will be released for mobile. His answer to the audience was “before May 31” in 2020.

Other details about TFT for mobile come from Riot, which shared that the game will have cross-platform support across PC, Mac and mobile (most likely on iOS and Android). There are no pre-registrations yet for TFT mobile, but we’ll make sure to keep you updated on our Teamfight Tactics page here.

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